"Ageism is the stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination against people on the basis of their age. Ageism is widespread and an insidious practice which has harmful effects on the health of older adults. For older people, ageism is an everyday challenge. Overlooked for employment, restricted from social services and stereotyped in the media, ageism marginalises and excludes older people in their communities.

Ageism is everywhere, yet it is the most socially “normalized” of any prejudice, and is not widely countered – like racism or sexism. These attitudes lead to the marginalisation of older people within our communities and have negative impacts on their health and well-being."

                                   ~ World Health Organization

 Age is just a number, isn't it? 50 is the new 30! How many times have we heard that?

The fact is that 50 is the new 50. No one who is 50 wants to go back to being 30, or even 40 for that matter, when most of us are struggling with putting our lives together. Early career tracks or graduate schools, young families, and financial ambiguity defined our mind space. By the time we reach 50 most of us have completed our life responsibilities and are financially secure. Why would be want to swap that for a younger age?

However, ageism is a growing issue in the workforce. Older adults are sometimes forced into the back seat or replaced with younger folks. This can lead to frustrations and resentment. But why let that hamper your joy for life? Experience counts and if we focus on growth and learning new skills to keep ourself relevant then age would not matter.

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