Drink Wine Save Animals

Drink Wine Save Animals

One of our faultiest assumptions is that humans are superior to animals and that animal suffering is not at par with human suffering. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Animals are sentient beings that feel and suffer equally as humans. Their voicelessness is construed as an inability to experience most of what humans can feel. In fact, it is precisely the reason why humans need to stand up for animal rights and against animal cruelty – because they cannot do so themselves.

If there is one lesson that the recent pandemic in 2020 has taught us it is the nature of the relationship between man and animal. Humans have created a dysfunctional relationship with nature in general and with animals in particular. There has never been a better time to reset and change that equation than now. One of the best ways to support animal rights is to donate to well-known sanctuaries (see below) and volunteer at your local animal rescue centers.

Let’s be kind and advocate for compassionate treatment of all animals. We can do that while having fun with drinking wine! Red wine in small amounts has health advantages like reducing the risk for heart disease and cancer. Powerful antioxidants in wine called polyphenols fight inflammation and reduce the risk for blood clots. Clinical studies have consistently shown that drinking 1-2 glasses of red wine a day 3-4 times a week has a positive impact on cardiovascular health and can reduce the risk for stroke and heart attack as well as dementia, depression, and diabetes (see below). This may especially be true in older adults. The ‘French Paradox’ is well known and observes that French people have low rates of heart disease despite high intake of saturated fats. This has been attributed to their high red wine intake. The Mediterranean diet also incorporates red wine and is considered a beneficial diet.

However, drinking larger quantities of wine can cause significant harms that include worsening of heart disease, liver damage, stomach problems, depression, weight gain, and diabetes. Alcoholism and other substance abuse problems can happen. Drinking and driving is a strict no-no. Even a glass of wine can dull your reflexes and enhance the risk of accidents while driving. Please drink sensibly!

Best animal sanctuaries to donate or visit:

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